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Why call a general contractor for a simple home improvement fix?  Do you have all the right tools, knowledge and experience you need to do it yourself?  We can help! We have 16 years of repair, maintenance, and handyman experience.  That's the equivalent of a doctorate degree in home improvement services!

When you are sick, do you call an accountant?

Is your house a little under the weather??


Call Doctor Odd Job today!


Every home has its issues, from minor cosmetic fixes to major remodeling projects.  We can help you with the details so you don't have to try and do it yourself.  You can just sit back and relax while Doctor Odd Job operates.

We are your locally owned, fully insured, expert home repair professionals!

Home interior services:

We do house calls!

We offer a variety of residential and commercial handyman services including both interior and exterior repairs and maintenance.  If you have damage to your home or business property and you need repairs or service, just give us a call!

We care about the health of your home, both inside and out!

Call us today for experienced handyman services!


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We'll fix up all your scratches and bumps!

From light and ceiling fan installation to dry wall repairs to light painting services, we are your solution for all your handyman needs.  We'll heal your home in no time flat.  You can count on experienced, professional workmanship from Doctor Odd Job!